03.10.2018 19:30
Divadlo Andreja Bagara v Nitre – Veľká sála, Svätoplukovo nám. 4, Nitra 950 53

Cirk La Putyka, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

directed by Maksim Komaro

3.10. 2018, 19:30 – 20:40
Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra – Big Hall, no intermission
discussion with creators after performance

Have you ever seen a teeterboard? You will doubtless have your fill at Batacchio, a performance brought to Nitra by the top-notch Czech troupe Cirk La Putyka. What is more, you will by wowed by virtuoso gymnastics and enthralling acrobatics, entertained by grotesque scenes and vaudevillian musical performances, performers will surprise you with magic tricks and live audience interaction. The REtro style of a traditional circus from 100 years ago joins hands with modern circus performance in all its variety under the baton of a Finnish director.
REpublic 100

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