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How can I buy tickets?

Tickets may be purchased in two ways – online on Predpredaj.sk or in cash at our sales points (information if tickets may be purchased at a sales point is stated with the particular event on Predpredaj.sk).

When ordering online, you may choose to be sent the tickets to the e-mail address specified by you or to personally collect the tickets at selected collection points based on a code sent to the e-mail address specified by you.

Do I need to register on the web page to be able to buy tickets?

You must register to be able to use Predpredaj.sk services. If you own an e-mail account on Zoznam.sk, you may log in using your log-in data for your e-mail account on Zoznam.

How many tickets may I buy in one order?

You cannot buy more than 8 tickets in one order. Event organizers may also limit the number of tickets to be purchased. You may find information about any potential limitations in the description of the event.

Do tickets in the cart represent a binding order?

Neither the order nor the cart is binding. Unless an order is finished with successful payment, the tickets will return back to sales after 20 minutes, and the order will be cancelled automatically.

How shall I cancel an unpaid order?

Orders cannot be cancelled. If an order has been made but not paid, it will be cancelled automatically 20 minutes later. Orders are only temporary and not binding.

How can I pay online?

Payments may only be made through online payment systems of selected banks.
You may use SporoPay of Slovenská sporiteľňa, VUB e-payments of VUB and TatraPay of Tatrabanka if you have an account in any of the above-mentioned banks and you use internet banking.

Payments with payment cards of any bank may be made through "GP webpay". The "GP webpay" payment gate enables payments with both Slovak and foreign MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club and American Express cards. It also supports payments with MasterPass and MasterCard Mobile.

If you choose payment via internet banking, you will be redirected to the web page of the relevant bank, and you will make your payment using an order with pre-filled data about the account of the operator of Predpredaj.sk, a variable symbol and the order amount.

Can I pay by a transfer to the account?

Payments by transfers are not supported. Orders need to be paid online directly during the ordering process, or you may pay in cash when purchasing tickets at sales points.

How will I find out that my payment was successfully received?

If your payment was successful, you will receive confirmation to your e-mail address which you have entered in your registration form. You will also receive your tickets or a code enabling you to collect the tickets at the collection point in accordance with the ticket collection form which you have selected.
You will find the tickets or the code also in the Orders section in your profile, while the status of the order will be “paid".

What shall I do if money has been deducted from my account but I have not received any tickets to my e-mail?

Please CONTACT us as soon as possible.
If you wish your request to be attended to faster, please inform the employee about the number of your order or state the e-mail address used for registering on Predpredaj.sk.

What if I cannot make a payment for the first time?

You have 20 minutes to pay for your ordered tickets again in the user interface in the Orders section. Any unpaid orders have the status “unpaid”, and a “Pay” icon enabling their payment will appear in the list of orders. After you click on the “Pay” icon and choose a payment system, you will be redirected to the bank for payment.
After 20 minutes the tickets will be returned back to sales, and the order status will change into “cancelled”.

What if payment with my payment card is not successful?

If any payment with your payment card is not successful, please contact your bank and make sure you have a card which supports online shopping, or check if you do not have a limit set for such type of payments.
Orders must be paid only in the above-stated ways directly during the ordering process.

Information about settlement of orders

You may find information about settlement of orders in your profile on Predpredaj.sk in the Orders bsection after you click on a particular order. If you need to modify any data in the document, you may do so in your profile and then re-print the document.

How will I get the tickets I have purchased?

If you select the option to receive your tickets by e-mail in your online order, the tickets will be sent automatically by info@predpredaj.sk to your e-mail address as an attachment. E-mail attachments serve as tickets and they need to be printed and presented when you are entering the venue. Every ticket serves one time only (with the exception of season tickets).
You may also get to your tickets after you register again using the same e-mail address which you have purchased the tickets with. In the Orders section in your profile you may find your order; by clicking on the order number a list of tickets which you have purchased in the particular order will open. You may print the tickets using the “Print” icon, or you may send them again to your e-mail using the “Send to my e-mail” icon.

If you select collecting the tickets personally in your online order, a code for collecting the tickets will be sent automatically by info@predpredaj.sk to your e-mail address. You may find the code also in your profile on Predpredaj.sk in the Orders section. You may collect your tickets based on the code at selected collection points.

What is QR code for?

A QR code is a special code containing information about the event and the ticket. Every ticket contains a unique QR code. After the entrance and verification with a special reader, the code in the ticket is deactivated, and it cannot be used anymore.
It is important that you do not allow anybody to copy your ticket (QR code), do not disclose photos of your tickets on social networks and do not make any unnecessary copies in order to prevent your ticket from being misused. Barcodes may be an alternative to the QR code for certain events.

Can I book the tickets?

Tickets cannot be booked. Tickets may be purchased online on Predpredaj.sk or in cash at a sales point (information if tickets may be purchased at a sales point is stated with the particular event on Predpredaj.sk).

Cancellation of tickets

According to general valid business terms, purchased tickets cannot be cancelled in other cases than a change in the date/time or the venue of the event or when the event is cancelled.

Cancelled/postponed event

MADWIRE, s. r. o. is an intermediary of ticket sales and is not liable for any changes or cancellations of events by organizers. We inform our customers about any changes or cancellations of events based on organizers' notifications. If an event is cancelled, the ticket owner has the right to compensation in the form as specified by the organizer.


If you wish to be our sales point, please contact porizkova@predpredaj.sk
If you wish to sell tickets via our portal Predpredaj.sk, please contact danisovic@predpredaj.sk