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Štefánikova magistrála (Bradlo - Bratislava)

07.06.2019 09:27

STEFANIK TRAIL are 3 parallel trail races of ULTRA SINGLES / ULTRA RELAY (2 members) / RELAY TEAMS (min. 4 – max. 7 members) along the ridge of Small Carpathians – on Štefánik Trail
EVENT DATE: 7th-8th June 2019
START LOCATION: Bradlo Hill, Cottage Bradlo, M.R. Štefánik burial-mound 
FINISH LOCATION: Bratislava, M.R. Štefánik statute, at the M.R. Štefánik Square
START - ULTRA SINGLES: 7th June 2019 at 19:00
START – ULTRA RELAY TEAMS: 7th June 2019 at 21:00
START – RELAY TEAMS: 7th June 2019 at 23:00

REGISTRATION: Start 2 steps registration process with 1st step ENTRY FEE purchase. Register only until the 26th April 2019click here to by the entry fee. The 2nd stage of registration is under the development process, any you will be able to enter your personal data in order to finish the registration from 30th of October. Registration is divided into 4 separate periods of ENTRY FEE purchase in terms of the date sections and entry fee levels. By allowing all interested runners to purchase the entry fee from the very first moment we do not discriminate financially our foreign participants. We just ask for more time and patience in order to finish the full registration process few weeks after Slovak speaking persons will be able to do so.

CATEGORY A:  ULTRA SINGLES - 1 runner (PACERs allowed from Pezinska Baba aid station)

CATEGORY B:   ULTRA RELAY TEAMS - 2 runners in one team (fixed place of relay team exchange at Pezinska Baba aid station)

CATEGORY C:   RELAY TEAMS -  min. 4 – max. 7 runners in one team

ULTRA SINGLES and ULTRA RELAYS: 145 km / +5330 m / -5680 m (more in 
PATH section), ULTRA ŠTAFETA = 1. section 80 km / +3172m / -3120 m, 2. section 65 km / +2157m / -2561m
RELAYS: 140,4 km / +5023 m / -5362 m (more in 
PATH section)

TIME LIMIT: 28 hours 30 minutes to gain 5 ITRA/UTMB qualifying points (5 points new scale / 3 points old scale). Crossing the finish line at 02:30 a.m. on Sunday 9th June to gain FINISHER status



5th OCT - 31st OCT 2018
  max.100US/20UT/20RT **

1st NOV – 31th DEC 2018
  max.150US/20UT/20RT **

1st JAN – 28th FEB 2019
max.150US/40UT/40RT **

1st MAR – 26th APR 2019
  max.150US/40UT/40RT **


40,- EUR

55,- EUR

60,- EUR

70,- EUR







80,- EUR

110,- EUR

120,- EUR

140,- EUR


280,- EUR

 385,- EUR

 420,- EUR

 490,- EUR

* it is possible to transfer your registration in case you cannot participate. The only way to proceed it is to enter the original registration on 
www.predpredaj.sk by the runner quitting the event and rewriting all information with the new runner data no later than on 26th April 2019.

**max. 100 US / 20 UT / 20 RT (resp. max. 150 US / 40 UT / 40 RT) – in particular registration phase means the maximum number of open registrations, 100 resp. 150 ultra singles and 20 resp. 40 ultra relay teams and 20 resp. 40 relay teams

***PACER is allowed for ULTRA SINGLES only, not for members of ULTRA RELAY TEAMS. Ultra singles can pick up their pacer from the Pezinska Baba aid station. Every single pacer has the right to use the aid station services (food, drinks, or drop bag service). Pacer has to pay 12,- EUR at his/her starting point aid station (all pacers). ULTRA SINGLES MUST register their PACER/s no later than on 26th April 2019 directly into their own registration at www.predpredaj.sk. One ULTRA runner can have more pacers, however just and only one running at the same time! Pacers can switch just and only at the aid stations. In case of breaching this rule the ULTRA runner will be disqualified. The other rules about pacers are available on „Conditions for participation".

ATTENTION: The official bus provided by organizers of the race in NOT INCLUDED in the entry fee. The official bus leaves from Bratislava (more info about pick up logistics will be sent to runners via E-mail) toward Bradlo (start line) on Friday noon. You will be able to buy it at www.predpredaj.sk for the price of 10,- EUR including VAT / per 1 person. Runners will be able to buy this transportation only until 28th February. NO OTHER official transportation will be provided by organizers and runners will need to solve this technical issue individually. 


  • Drinks and food at the aid stations,
  • Baggage transport form the start area to the finish area,
  • „DROP BAG" service distributing own personal gear and food (excluding Dobrá Voda – the first and Devín – the last aid station),
  • Label for CREW car of the runner,
  • Commemorative medal STEFANIK TRAIL only for finishers in time limit,
  • Bib number, bib for the pacer,
  • Medical aid at the aid stations,
  • Night and day additional course marking,
  • Shower and a food voucher in finish line area. 


Adámiho 20
841 05 Bratislava

Adámiho 20
841 05 Bratislava



Predaj lístkov

RELAY TEAM 420.00 €
BUS/person 10.00 €
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* maximum amount of tickets is 8!

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