Leo Rojas + band - Bratislava

Leo Rojas + band - Bratislava

29.03.2019 19:00
MMC (Majestic Music Club), Karpatská 3089/2, 811 05 Bratislava

LEO ROJAS in Slovakia!!!

Perfect symbiosis of south american traditional music with etno and world music elements !!

The famous ecuadorian instrumentalist  Leo Rojas debutes in Slovakia for the very first time. Leo is one of the last native south american indians and he is popularly known as the son of Ecuador.  He is a famous for winning a german music competition called „ Das Supertalent“, similar to Britain ´s got talent.  Since then Leo ´s popularity has quickly been growing. Leo has sold  more than 200.000 copies which helped him to win two golden awards and his songs have incredible views on youtube.

Leo Rojas ´songs originates from his roots, incorporating elements of south american music accompanied by various traditional musical instruments such as panflute, traditional south american whistlles.  His songs cant be described by words, in split second  it gets you into mesmerising world of completely elevated dimension.  As a local act will be a slovak band called Djembe picnic band.

The show will take place 29th march 2019 in Majestic music club, Bratislava, Slovakia.

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