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Mish Mash Revue No. 3

Luna Bar - Hotel Kyjev, Rajská 2, 811 08 Bratislava

22.02.2018, show 20:00 (vstup od 19:00)

Mish Mash Revue No. 3
22.02.2018, Entry: 19:00, Show: 20:00

Luna Bar - Hotel Kyjev, Rajská 2, 811 08 Bratislava

Ladies, gents and everyone in between, 
come closer to experience Mish Mash Revue, an open stage for everybody awesome. An evening full of sparkly art and genuine emotions. Get ready to taste a tease, humor, dance, laugh and a little shock, all in one big juicy show. 

We are sorry in advance if you get a pinch of glitter behind your ear, but that's how it goes at Mish Mash Revue. 

Suitable for open-minded adults 18+

Dress code: This is your chance to stand out, so don't hold back and DRESS TO IMPRESS!


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