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Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu, Odbojárov 9, 831 04 Bratislava

17.02.2018 13:30

All Star Weekend is changing from a local exhibition into a regional event with international turnout of hockey teams from four countries.  It is because this exhibition promises an interesting hockey derby among the Slovak, Czech, Austrian and German league. On 17 February, Bratislava, as the host city, shall welcome the best of the best to present their mastery in front of the spectators at Ondrej Nepela ice arena. The organisers have promised to establish a huge fan zone outside the arena offering interesting program starting as early as at 1 pm. Alongside the trophy cup, the exhibition winner will take home a subsidy in the value of EUR 25 thousand. The price of the whole day tickets to the show will vary from EUR 15 to EUR 30.

The idea to organise a regional All Star event hosting leagues from neighbouring countries was born at the beginning of this year. “Mr Jozef Řezníček, managing director of the Czech Tipsport Extra league, accepted the invitation to All Star Weekend 2017 in Poprad where our discussion on the international cooperation within the All Star even begun,” says Mr Richard Lintner, managing director of Tipsport League. “I really liked the level and vigour of the All Star weekend held in Poprad and therefore I brought up the topic at the Hockey Europe meeting during the World championship in Koln,” adds Mr Jozef Řezníček, managing director of the Czech Tipsport Extra league. “As the cooperation within the Hockey Europe organisation works on the highest level, it only took a few meetings to come up with the original platform of this event,” says Gernot Tripcke, managing director of the German Deutchen Eishockey league. All Star Cup will be a truly unique event that has no match in Central Europe. Following two successful All Star events in Slovakia, here it comes again, this time its slightly more original and international version. “From the geographical point of view and from the point of view of a healthy rivalry, the cooperation of our four leagues has turned out to be optimal and I believe that the fans of quality hockey will really enjoy this extraordinary exhibition,” says Christian Feichtinger, managing director of the Austrian Erste Bank Eishockey league.
The tournament rules, the representatives of all four leagues have agreed on, are pretty simple. “We’ll play a 3 on 3 tournament, round-robin. The matches will last 2 x 15 minutes and each team will have 12 skaters and 2 goalies. After the last match the table will show the placings,” says Gernot Tripcke. Each league club will be represented by at least one player and simultaneously the maximal number of foreigners in each league draft is set to be seven. The winner will fight for the trophy cup and a subsidy in the value of EUR 25 thousand. “All Star event can only be a success if the players put in all they have got in order to win. I believe we have nothing to worry about in this respect because just like the Czechs and the Slovaks like to compete against, the same applies to the Austrians and the Germans,” says Christian Feichtinger. The All Star Cup program will start at 1pm outside the Ondrej Nepela ice arena in Bratislava, where the organisers are promising a huge fan zone with accompanying program. “We have prepared some accompanying events, a rich cultural program, concerts, contests and lots of attractions for the fans,” completes Lintner. The tickets for fans are available at predpredaj.sk as of today, 13 September, in the range of EUR 15 to EUR 30.  

In case of any further information, please contact:  Grape PR, Richard Fides, phone: 0905110099, email: richard.fides@grapepr.sk

13:30 CZE vs AUT (previous time 14:30)
14:30 SVK vs GER (previous time 13:30)
15:30 GER vs CZE
16:50 opening ceremony
17:00 SVK vs AUT
18:00 AUT vs GER
19:00 SVK vs CZE
20:00 closing ceremony